„Policies and competition regulation in European Union” – 30th of May 2013, InterContinental Hotel (with the students’ participation from the University of Bucharest, Academy of Economic Studies and from National School of Political and Administrative Studies)

„The leniency programme at European Union level, in the light of recently cartel cases” - 21 June 2013

„Current problems of implementing the competition law in horizontal cooperation agreements” - 25 February” 2013

„The role of intellectual property law in the consolidation of market power in the information technology field” - 26 November 2013

„The private action in antimonopoly law” - 10 February 2012

„The law of unfair competition practices – de lege ferenda” - 28 October 2011

„The contravention sanctioning system under the competition Law nr. 21/1996 system” - 20 May 2011