Raul SANCHEZ GOMEZ, Interception of Communications between Defendants and Attorneys
Anne PONSEILLE, Individualization of Penalties in French Criminal Law

Corneliu LIVIU POPESCU, Positive obligation of the state to legislate civil unions between same sex persons. Comment on the Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights - chamber of July 21st, 2015, Case of Oliari and others v. Italy, Applications nos. 18766/11 and 36030/11
Verginia VEDINAȘ, Supervision of Local Authorities by Chamber of Accounts
Adriana ALMĂŞAN, Ştefan BOGREA, Harmonization of Romanian Law to EU Competition Law
Lavinia Valeria LEFTERACHE, Proofs within Criminal Trial
RADU-ROMEO POPESCU, Substitution of Trustee in the New Romanian Civil Code
Simona GHERGHINA, A Legal Definition for Public Investments
Bogdan DIMA, Choosing the Systems of Government in Post-communist Democracies of Central and South-Eastern Europe
Ion GÂLEA, Challenges for the Notion of „Treaty”. The Difference between Treaties and International Non-binding Acts in the Practice of Romania
Manole Ciprian POPA, Representation of Shareholders in Companies Whose Shares are Admitted to Trading on a Regulated Market

Andra-Roxana TRANDAFIR, Commentary upon the decision of 26 mars 2012 given by Bucharest Tribunal, 1st Criminal Chamber, in the file 8240/3/2012

Ioan Paul Chiș, Reopening the Pre-trial Phase followed by the Judge Confirmation. Exception
Cătălin-Nicolae CONSTANTINESCU, The Conventional and Doctrinal Evolution of the Notion of Crimes against Humanity
Cătălin ONCESCU, Aspects related to the Right of the Prosecutor to Temporarily Authorize Measures of Technical Surveillance and Entry of Criminal Investigation Bodies on Private Property in order to Enable or Disable Technical Means for such Surveillance

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