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Faculty of Law, Univesity of Bucharest, through the Centre for Studies in Competition Law and the Romanian Competition Council

The Conference proceedings will take place under the aegis of the PO DCA-financed project Improving the efficiency of competition policy enforcement in conjunction with sectoral policies (Eficientizarea activităţii de aplicare a politicilor de concurenţă în corelare cu politicile sectoriale - cod SMIS 39072) which is implemented jointly with the General Secretariat of the Government and with technical assistance provided by the World Bank. Project financed by the Operational Program for Administrative Capacity Development from the European Social Fund 2007-2013.

The Organizing Committee

Adriana Almășan PhD, George Anglițoiu PhD, Flavius Baias PhD, Andrei Săvescu PhD, Camelia Toader PhD.

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