Part I

Anca JURMA, Ph.D. candidate, Sanctions Applicable against Legal Persons
One of the controversies that accompanied the development of the legal concept of criminal liability of the legal person focuses on the question whether the legal person may feel the effects of the punishment and whether the enforcement of a criminal punishment application against all members of a legal person, guilty or innocent, is fair. This paper presents the categories of criminal sanctions applicable to legal persons in Romanian criminal law, both from the perspective of the current Criminal Code and the new Criminal Code. Issues debated in this paper include: legal criteria used to determine the category of legal persons exempt from the penalty of dissolution or suspension of activities; difficulties of the enforcement of the penalty prohibiting participation in public procurement procedures and of the penalty introduced by the new Criminal Code, i.e. placement under judicial supervision. Also, the article raises the question of whether the regulation of a system of probation in respect of the legal person is appropriate.

Keywords: legal person, criminal liability of the legal person, sanctions, penalties, fine, dissolution, suspension of the activity, closing of some working points, public procuremennt, advertisement, broadcasting of the decision, judicial sureveillance

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