Centre for Jurisprudence and New rights

The Center was established in late 2003, within the Bucharest University Law School as a result of the co-operation with the University of Paris I Pantheon – Sorbonne, the Sorbonne GRIDAUH Center  (Groupemment de Recherche des Institutions et de Droit de l’Aménagement, de l’Urbanisme et de l’Habitat). The creation of the Center was the brainchild of Professor Yves Jégouzo, professor of public law, former Sorbonne rector and judge with the French State Council. 

The Center promotes scientific research on both jurisprudence and third generation law or the so-called new rights, according to the classification provided by the doctrine, namely town planning law, habitat law, country planning law, etc while pursuing the idea to conduct some comparative law studies. Therefore, the Center organizes seminars, debates, conferences, colloquia and symposia attended by Romanian and foreign experts as well as students, PhD students, etc.

The center was inaugurated on 3rd March 2004 and the event was graced by the participation of Professor Yves Jégouzo, the University board, as well other guests.

On 19th April 2004 a colloquium was organized on the “Applicability of ECHR article 6 in expropriation-related matters”. The guest of honour was Professor Corneliu Bîrsan, judge with the Strasbourg ECHR.

The scientific co-coordinator of the Center is Professor Nicolae Popa, president of the High Court of cassation and Justice and associate professor Simona Cristea, while professors Yves Jégouzo and Corneliu Bîrsan are honorary members of the Center’s scientific council.