Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property

The Center for Studies in Intellectual Property Rights (CSDPI) is a scientific research unit, without legal personality, operational within the Law School of the Bucharest University, organized in co-operation with « World Wide Academy » under the World Intellectual Property Organization. The activities of the Center can be attended by members of the faculty, students, and participants in the postgraduate programs, Law School PhD students as well as any other invited guests.  

The Center (CSDPI) focuses on research activities in intellectual property rights-related matters, such as: postgraduate courses, scientific communication sessions, conferences, debates, round tables, seminars, symposia, mock trials, competitions, documentation, training periods, holiday-period schools, practical activities and internships,  drafting research papers.

CSDPI may publish the research papers drafting as a result of its activities and may enter into associations with research and education units active in the same field. 

The Center (CSDPI) is headed by a director, this position being currently filled by associate professor Lucian Mihai, full-time member of the teaching staff of the Bucharest University Law School.