Part IV

Cristina-Mihaela NICOLESCU, Ph.D. Candidate, General considerations regarding matrimonial convention
The legislation on the matrimonial property regime has a pronounced practical character which satisfies the everyday questions of the spouses.

The marriage contract represents the pecuniary charter of the marriage of which it is an accessory. It is a complex contract, because it may include any kind of stipulation, besides the determination of the matrimonial property regime.

In principle subject to the law of contracts, it has many specific points concerning the validity and opposability. More than the other contracts, the marriage contract is opposable towards third parties to the extent to which it fixes the matrimonial property regime, divides the marital property and determines the powers of the spouses.

From the first February 1954 which is the date of entry into force of the Family Code, in our legal order the community matrimonial regime has become the single and immutable one. The new Civil Code marks the return to the tradition of marriage contracts.

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