Part IV

Dana APOSTOL TOFAN, Ph.D. in LAW Professor, Considerations on article 21, paragraph 2 from Administrative Litigation Law no.544/2004 with subsequent completions and changes
The Law no.262/2007, which substantially modified and completed the Administrative Litigation Law no.554/2004 replaced the content of article 21, entitled ”Appeal trial in extraordinary cases” , with another content, entitled ”Judicial extraordinary remedies”. This analysis discuss the controversial aspects as result of the mistakes of working technique (including the inconsistency between the title and the content of the article), and the potential  problems that can be raised in the administrative litigation practice due to the fact that some judicial terms established in paragraph 2 of the article 21 cannot, in some concrete situations, be abided by the prejudiced person who would like to apply for a judicial revision.

Keywords: judicial extraordinary remedies, annulment complaint, judicial revision, judicial review, administrative justice, domestic law, European law
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