Part IV

Dana APOSTOL TOFAN, Ph.D. in Law, Professor, Intercommunity development associations – European model with emphasis on the French model
This synthetic paper analysis one of the innovations brought to Law n°215/2001 on local public administration via Law n°286/2006, namely intercommunity develop¬ment associations.

Like in other situations, the Romanian legislator got inspired from the legislation of other European states and rushed to copy the institution without sufficient reflec¬tion. In our opinion, this will induce problems for authorities of local public adminis¬tration when implementing various forms of intercommunity cooperation provide by the law, just as it happened with the legislation on public-private partnership.

This is the reason that made us present, in this brief paper, some significant elements of the French legislation and doctrine regarding intercommunity coope¬ration, as well as the current situation in other European states.

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