Part IV

Florentina DRAGOMIR, PhD., Judge of the Bucharest Court of Appeal, Crimes of Abuse in Office, Negligence in Office and Conflict of Interests in the New Criminal
The new Romanian Criminal Code, trying to unify provisions of the framework criminal law with special provisions, offers a new structure of the crimes related to the public office or those related to the term of office. In this category are included, according to the nature of social relations that constitute their thematic legal object, norms incriminating deeds carried on during public office or related, corruption acts developed during office, new incrimination of crimes against patrimony or individual freedom, as well as norms provided for by special laws. The novelty consists in restructuring the content of the crime of abuse of office, redefining the notion of civil servant, introducing in the category of corruption facts which are perpetrated by foreign civil servants or members of arbitration courts, reducing the limits of main penalties and including a complementary penalty on forbidding the right to hold a public office or to exert a profession or an activity related to the crime.
Keywords: new criminal code, crimes related to a term in office, civil servant, office abuse
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