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International Conference „Criminal Liability of Legal Persons”

The Faculty of Law - University of Bucharest and the Center for Research in the Field of Criminal Sciences is organising, in on-line format, the international conference entitled „Criminal Liability of Legal Persons”, between the 20th and 21st of May 2021. 

This event brings together scholars and practitioners who have taken a special interest in issues related to legal persons as subjects of criminal liability and who have published their research on this matter. The debates will cover a wide spectrum of legal issues, ranging from prosecution of legal entities to controversial points of law regarding the current statutes covering the criminal responsibility and the sanctions applicable to legal persons.  

List of Speakers:    

Prosecutor Georgina BODORONCEA, PhD 

Prosecutor Remus BUDĂI, PhD

Lecturer Mihai DUNEA, PhD

Professor Claudia GHICA-LEMARCHAND, PhD

Lawyer Dorel HERINEAN, PhD Candidate

Prosecutor Anca JURMA, PhD

Prosecutor Irina KUGLAY, PhD

Judge George-Alexandru LAZĂR, PhD

Professor Lavinia LEFTERACHE, PhD

Judge Cătălin MARINESCU, PhD

Associate Professor Daniel NIȚU, PhD

Professor Sebastian RĂDULEȚU, PhD

Associate Professor Laura STĂNILĂ, PhD

Professor Florin STRETEANU, PhD

Associate Professor Andra-Roxana TRANDAFIR, PhD

Judge Mihail UDROIU, PhD

Professor Rely VÎLCICĂ, PhD 

The conference proceedings were published in December 2021 by Solomon Publishing House: