Part I

Milena TOMESCU, Lecturer, Ph.D, The guarantee of the right to family relations within the procedure of placement
The separation measures between the child and his/her parents should be understood as temporary and should stop whenever the circumstances of the case allow it,  their final purpose being to reunite the family. This involves, for example, the end of placement when there is an improvement of the situation analysed at the moment of the decision. The positive obligations of authorities should be understood in the sense of, at least, a regular examination of the parents′ situation, in order to check if the family status has improved. Moreover, in such a case, any measure taken by authorities is considered to be appropriate depending on how long it takes for it to become effective, considering that time  can have irreparable consequences on the relations between children and the parent who does not live with them.

Keywords: placement, temporary character of placement, authorities′ obligations within placement procedure.

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