Part I

Editorial (in romanian)

Professor Stanley L. PAULSON, Department of Philosophy and School of Law, Washington University in St. Louis, Hans KELSEN

Florin COMAN-KUND, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Candidate, The European Commission as main actor in the EC legislative process: the case of the Internal Market
Andrei ZARAFIU, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Candidate, Process phases of the defendant’s police custody
Aurel CIOBANU, Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor, Legal consequences of the non-observance of the provisions regarding the presentation of the criminal investigation material to the defendant
Ion GÂLEA, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Candidate, Critical analysis of the norms contained by the Constitution of Romania with respect to the relation between international law and domestic law
Manole POPA, Assistant, Brief comments on the ammendments of the Companies Law by Governmental Emergency Ordinance no. 52/1998
Cristina-Mihaela NICOLESCU, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Candidate, Considerations regarding the historical evolution of legislation on the matrimonial property regimes. Emphasis on the origin and evolution of the marriage contract

Bogdan DIMA, Ph.D. Candidate, The Impact of the Constitutional Court Judgments regarding the Judicial Conflicts of Constitutional Nature

Bogdan AURESCU, Ph.D. in law, Lecturer Professor, Mirela PASCARU, International Court of Justice Decision in the case regarding Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea – Interactive Conference at the Faculty of Law of University Bucharest (the 10th of March 2009)

Augustin FUEREA, The participation of the team representing the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest to the EU Law international competition European Law Moot Court Competition - ELMC (the 19th-22nd of february 2009)

Daniela-Anca DETEȘEANU, Colloquium organised in the ATLAS Project – The protection under the International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law for the vulnerable persons