Part II


Richard GHEVONTIAN, Professeur à l’Université Paul-Cézanne – Aix-Marseille III, GERJC – Institut Louis Favoreu, The Prioritarian Question of Constitutionality and the E.U. Law : ECJ Decision of the 22nd of June 2010

Gheorghe PIPEREA, Professor, Ph. D., Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, The Group of Companies and their influence over the fundamental principles of the bilateral contracts
Corneliu-Liviu POPESCU Profesor Ph.D., Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, The influence of the international lawyer specialised in human rights in the national juridical life - the exemple of a postcommuniste country
Simona Gherghina, Assistant, Ph.D., Law School, University of Bucharest, On public money – a definition
Vlad PELIGRAD, Assistant, Ph.D.candidate, Law School, University of Bucharest, The establishment and operation of the credit cooperative organizations

Ramona Delia POPESCU, Ph.D. Candidate Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Territorial distribution of the electorate: electoral constituencies as a way of representatives’ designation

Stefan DEACONU, Ph. D., Reader, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law, Department of Public Law, The legal disputes of a constitutional nature between the judicial authority and the other public authorities, in the case-law of the Constitutional Court of Romania

Dan OANCEA, Dean’s Conference of Law Faculties in Central Europe and South-Eastern Europe

The Board of Faculty of Law – University of Bucharest, The Competition “Hexagon of Faculties of Law” – Sibiu, 2011

Adriana ALMĂSANU, Results of the Second Edition of the Scientific Communications Session of Law Students -2011

Stela PELICAN, Moot Court – Civil Law

The team from the Law School to the „Renee Cassin Moot Court”

Ana BĂRBULESCU, Bogdan BIRIŞ, Maria – Ines CHEKKOURY-IDRISSI, Radu Mihai ŞERBĂNESCU, Participation of the team representing Law Faculty of Bucharest in the „Philip Jessup Moot Court”

Cosmin VĂDUVA, The 8th Edition of the International Congress in the International Association of Constitutional Law (6-10 of December 2010 – Ciudad de Mexico)

Ioana Iordache, Bismun Conference 2011