Part IV


Gheorghe IANCU, Ph.D. in Law Professor, Referendum in Romania
Corneliu-Liviu POPESCU, Ph.D. in Law Professor, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and European Convention on Human Rights: between succesion and secession
Simona CRISTEA, PH.D. in Law, Associate Professor, Atypical systems of law
Alexandru-Sorin CIOBANU, Lecturer Professor, Aspects related to the inalienability of public assets, as reflected in the ”revolutionary legislation” and within the French Civil Code from 1804
Andreea-Teodora STĂNESCU, Lecturer Professor, Considerations on independently conducted economic activities in comparative law
Simona GHERGHINA, Ph.D. in LAW, Assistant Professor, Considerations on the concept of public guarantee

Elena ENE-GAVRILĂ, Ph.D. candidate, Pension rights of civil servants in the light of the ECJ’s case-law. Article 141 EC vs. Council Directive 79/7/EEC
Flavia GHENCEA, Ph.D. candidate, Legal standards on silence

Dana APOSTOL TOFAN, Ph.D. in LAW Professor, Considerations on article 21, paragraph 2 from Administrative Litigation Law no.544/2004 with subsequent completions and changes

The editors, Summer session 2009 of the International Faculty of Comparative Law of Strasbourg

Cristian MITRACHE, National conference ” The Criminal Code of 2009- between continuity and novelty”

Alexandru-Sorin CIOBANU, Conference oh the President of the section for litigations of the ”Conseil d’ Etat” of France

Raluca-Ioana Mocanu, Seminar „Study of the criminal phenomenon, grounding of criminal policies and aggregating data for the training of specialists”

Bogdan DIMA, ”Circle of Friends of Administrative Law”- an initiative of students of Law Faculty

Daniel PIŞTEA, Conference ”The Perspectives of Constitutionalism in Romania”