Part IV


Boštjan M.ZUPANČIČ, Professor, Dipl.iur. (Lab.), L.L.M., S.J.D. (Harv.), Judge of the Slovenian Constitutional Court, Member of the United Nations Committee against Torture, From Combat to Contract. What is the Constitution?

Camelia BOGDAN, Judge of the Bucharest Tribunal, "Considerations de lege ferenda regarding Incrimination, Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering"
George- Cristinel ZAHARIA, PhD. Candidate, Reader, University of Craiova, Human Trafficking in the New Criminal Code
Florentina DRAGOMIR, PhD., Judge of the Bucharest Court of Appeal, Crimes of Abuse in Office, Negligence in Office and Conflict of Interests in the New Criminal
Cristian MITRACHE, PhD. Lecturer Professor, University of Bucharest, Considerations on the Legal Basis of Extradition in the current Romanian Criminal Code and the New Criminal Code
Dana APOSTOL TOFAN, PhD. Professor, University of Bucharest, Access to the Judge in the area of Urban Planning
Andrei ZARAFIU, PhD. Assistant, University of Bucharest, Patrimonial Liability of the State and Civil Action for Repairing the Damage in Case of Unjust Deprivation of Freedom
Manole POPA, PhD. Candidate, Associate Professor, Law Faculty, University of Bucharest, Brief Presentation of Corporate Groups in the French Commercial Law

Roxana NĂSTASE (OSIAC), L.L.M. Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, International Trade Agreements. Changes according to the Lisbon Treaty