Parts III - IV

I. Honoris Causa

Vlad CONSTANTINESCO, Forms of consolidated cooperation, ten years after: a false good idea?

Flavius Antoniu BAIAS, Laudatio



Dana APOSTOL TOFAN, Ph.D. in Law, Professor, State Presidents’ Responsibility in some European States with a special view on the Romanian Constitutional System
Gheorghe PIPEREA, Ph.D. in Law, Reader, For a new legal frame of the enterprise
Cristina ZAMŞA, Ph.D. in Law, Lecturer Professor, Reglementation of Duress in the Civil Code Draft
Augustina DUMITRAŞCU, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Candidate, The Role of the Court of Justice of the European Communities’ Jurisprudence in the Configuration of the Community Legal Order
Claudiu DINU, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Candidate, Civil procedural rules against general normative background. Evolution, delineation and specialisation in relation to civil law rules
III. PhD Students

Ramona POPESCU, Ph.D. Candidate, Elena Simina TĂNĂSESCU, Ph. D in Law, Professor, On Responsibility in Public Law
Dumitru-Daniel ŞERBAN, Ph.D. Candidate, Dana APOSTOL TOFAN, Ph.D. in Law, Professor, Unconstitutionnality of Romanian legislation on public acquisitions

Simona CRISTEA, Ph.D. in Law, Reader, Judgment FIAMM et FIAMM Technologies/Conseil et Commission C-120/06 P and C-121/06 P from 9th of September 2008 of the Court of Justice of the European Communities concerning the principle of responsibility of the public authorities for the prejudice produced by a licit and illicit law. Judgment’s effect on Romanian law

Gildas FRESNEAU, Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Silviu Gabriel BARBU, Workshop on ”Religion and Constitution”