The Law School is one of the oldest schools belonging to the University of Bucharest.  Its academic staff includes remarkable legal scholars as well as highly active politicians, working as members of the traditional chairs: the public law chair, the private law chair and the criminal law chair.

All the activities have been recently structured so as to meet the need to upgrade the education process, while taking into account the specific legal field-related features. As a result, curricula, syllabi and teaching methods have been streamlined. Consequently, there are more and more numerous students enrolled in our study programs (BA degree, MA degree, PhD, specialized post graduate studies), who are also evermore so demanding as to the content and quality of our courses. 

Research, as part of the School activity, has been duly organized as research centers, such as the following: Center for Constitutional Law and Political Institutions, Human Rights Center, Center for Social Comparative Law, European Law Center, Center for Jurisprudence and New Rights, Center for Studies in Intellectual Property Rights. These centers host various scholarly activities: international sessions and conferences, debates, round tables, practical semninars, case studies, experimental trials, methodological seminars, international schools, summer schools, competitions in advocacy and essays, launching law journals, etc. Special attention is placed on a publication series entitled LAW and issued by Analele Universitatii Bucuresti (Bucharest University Annals). This journal publishes studies and articles which constitute fundamental research on the mian legal institutions and also on the legal solutions put forth by the Romanian and international courts of law.  

The Law School facilities have been greatly improved, as far as the forensic laboratory is concerned and manily with respect to the IT and communication equipment. All our students and faculty as well as the non-teaching staff have e-mail addresses hosted by the IT lab equipment; moreover, they have access to an intranet which makes communication easier both timewise and effortwise. The intranet speeds up forwarding messages, general announcements, personal / group messages, and also seminar assignments, bibliographies or any other documents needed by the teaching staff. 

Our School has developed fruitful co-operation programs with similar institutions both at home and abroad, while trying to successfully participate in the national effort to integrate the global academic community.