The Centre for interdisciplinary studies in Law, Ethics and Religion (CIDER) is a scientific research organization without legal personality, initiated in 2016 within the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest.

CIDER has its main scope the development of scientific research pertaining to ethics, compliance and religious freedom in relation with the law sciences. This scope is pursued by: the development of activities and theoretical and applied scientific research projects, the development of programs and for the proposed scientific activities, through projects and research contracts, the organization of seminars, debates, conferences, colloquia, dedicated especially to students and postgraduate students as well as the participation in such activities, organized by other research centres, the launching of academic exchanges at national and international level, academic guidance to students involved in scientific research, development of scientific informational materials, the organization of extra-curricular events for students and postgraduate students (through mock trials, debates and pleading competitions as well).

CIDER was founded by Lecturer in Theology, dr George Grigoriţă (Faculty of Orthodox Theology) and Lecturer in Law dr Doru Trăilă (Faculty of Law).

Since 2016 the Director of CIDER is Mr. Doru Trăilă.