Publication Conditions

To be published by the AUBD Journal, materials have to be submitted electronically at the following e-mail address The AUBD Journal publishes papers written by the Law School academics, master and PhD students, as well as papers written by other academics from similar law schools in Romania and abroad who were invited professors of the Law School of the Bucharest University.

Any eligible paper must meet the following requirements:

Drafting requirements
the authors are fully responsible for the compliance with the copyright legislation and the norms of research deontology. The acceptance of the materials that were submitted for publication is equivalent to the conclusion of the publishing contract, according to which the authors assign to AUBD the exclusive right of reproduction and public communication and distribution of the material, the right to exclusively digitally reproduce and electronically communicate the published articles, for the entire existence of these rights and anywhere in the world. Such rights are transmissible.

- the papers should not have been published before. The materials cannot be offered for publication to other journal before AUBD Journal has communicated the refusal to publish them.

- authors are kindly asked to state their names, profession, academic or scientific title, the institutional affiliation, postal and e-mail addresses and a contact phone number.

- the AUBD Journal publishes mainly papers in French and English. Nevertheless, papers in Romanian are also accepted. All language versions of all papers must use the characters typical of that language version.  

- to avoid any problem created by font inconsistency, the text shall be drafted in Microsoft Word (at least version 7.0) set in standard Times New Roman, making obligatory use of the characters typical of the language used to write the paper. The main text is to be set in 12 pt Times New Roman and the notes and references in 10 pt Times New Roman. The overall size of the page is A4. Paragraphs must be tab-marked or the paragraph spacing must be at least doubled.

- on the first page of each paper, the complete title must be mentioned, as well as the author’s/authors’ name(s), his/their profession(s), academic or scientific title(s), his/their affiliation(s) and contact data: full postal address, e-mail address, phone number.  

- each paper shall begin with a rezumat/résumé/abstract drafted in Romanian, French and English, no longer than 1,000 characters.

- the title of each paper shall be written in Romanian, French and English.  

- each paper shall have a list of key words, in Romanian, French and English, which shall focus on the main legal concepts, principles or institutions tackled by the paper.

- in case acronyms are used, the acronym shall first be mentioned in full form, with the acronym in between brackets.

- articles should not exceed 25 pages. 

- papers shall be evaluated by scientific advisors, whose approval is mandatory for publishing, following this review process. The reviewers will fill in this sheet.

- papers not eligible for publication shall not be returned.

Bibliographical references

- bibliographical notes must be complete and indicate the author’s name, the full title of the work, the issue and/or volume, the publishing house, the year and place of publication, the pages referred to, as stated in the annex. In case unpublished works are referred to, they can be quoted on condition that the way in which the author came to know those documents is stated.

- documents available only on the internet can be quoted if the full name of the site is stated, which must be a fixed URL; the link must also be stated, in between brackets, and also the last date when it was visited. Authors are kindly asked to check the accessibility of the link before quoting it.