Part II

Ramona Delia POPESCU, Ph.D. Candidate Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Territorial distribution of the electorate: electoral constituencies as a way of representatives’ designation
In order to organize elections for Parliament, the electoral body is structured into  constituencies. International standards for drawing boundaries of electoral constituencies impose the observance of the following principles: equal suffrage (the same representation quota, equality in terms of electoral strength), drawing of constituency boundaries by an independent and impartial body, and  drawing of electoral boundaries should not discriminate any political party or minority group. Romanian electoral legislation should be revised in order to include express provisions regarding: ways of appeal against acts concerning drawing of uninominal colleges, the terms for introducing such appeals and for their resolution, and sanctions for breaching those provisions.

Electoral legislation should also refer to the creation of an independent body responsible to draw the uninominal constituencies, as well as to the judicial control of this designation.

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