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Faculty’s Top News

Remarkable success of the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law at the Hong Kong edition of the “Willem Vis” Moot Court Competition

The team representing the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law obtained remarkable results both at the written phase and at the oral phase of the 11th edition of the “Willem Vis” Moot Court Competition, which took place in Hong Kong during 1-6 April 2014. At its first participation to the Hong Kong edition of the competition, the team advanced to the semi-finals of the oral phase. This result places the University of Bucharest amongst the first four universities worldwide within this competition.

The “Willem Vis” International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition is the largest and most prestigious international private law competition in the world. It traditionally brings together representatives of the most prestigious universities worldwide. The competition is comprised of an annual Vienna version (at its 21st edition this year) and an annual Hong Kong version (at its 11th edition this year).

With respect to the oral stage, the Romanian students won the semi-finalist award in the “David Hunter” category for the best team at oral arguments, the most prestigious category of the competition. For the oral rounds, the team representing the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest was composed of Ștefan Dinu and Radu Văleanu.

During the general oral rounds, the team met the following four teams: University of Paraná (Brazil), National University of Taiwan (Taiwan), Free State University (South Africa) and Georgetown University (USA). Based on the results obtained in the general oral rounds, the team qualified into the elimination rounds, being amongst the first 32 teams out of a total of 99 participants. In the elimination rounds, the team faced, in turn, the following universities: La Trobe University (Australia), New York University (USA), Griffith University (Australia) and Amsterdam University (The Netherlands). The final was won by Loyola University Chicago (USA).

Moreover, Radu Văleanu obtained an individual honourable mention in the “Neil Kaplan” category for the best oral advocate. The first place in this category was attributed to a student at the China-EU Law School (China).

With respect to the written stage, the Romanian students obtained an honourable mention in the “Fari Nariman” category for best written memorandum on behalf of the respondent. The first place in this category was attributed to the China-EU Law School (China).

The complete results of the competition are available on its website: http://www.cigmoot.org. The team is now preparing for the Vienna edition of the competition, which will take place during 11-17 April 2014.

The members of the team that achieved this extraordinary performance are: Andreea Armanu, Șerban Dănescu, Ștefan Dinu (oral advocate), Crina Gealatu, Mihaela Gheorghe, Mihaela Gherghe, Geanina Stîngaciu and Radu Văleanu (oral advocate).

The team was coached by conf. univ. dr. Răzvan Dincă, av. drd. Raluca Papadima and av. drd. Vladimir Diaconiță.

The team wishes to thank the coaches, the professors and practitioners for the help and guidance provided in training for the competition. The team also thanks its sponsors, for their financial support: SCA “Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii” (main sponsor), SCA “Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii”, SCA “DLA Piper Dinu”, Kinstellar, SCA “Markó & Udrea”, SCA “Leaua & Asociații”, CA “Raluca Papadima”, SC Dotware SRL, SC Apsisware SRL, conf. univ. dr. av. Traian Briciu, CA “Paul Pop & Asociații”, SCA “Eversheds Lina & Guia”, SC Carpatcement Holding SA, TSAA Attorneys at Law, SCA “Clifford Chance Badea” și BNPA “Stoica și Vișinoiu”.

Date of publication: 08.04.2014

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