Heads of project are Mrs PONSEILLE Anne, associate professor of criminal sanctions law of the Montpellier University and Mrs. TRANDAFIR Andra-Roxana, assistant professor of criminal law and criminology of the University of Bucharest. The team includes 13 members from both France and Romania. 

The French team is composed of Mr. BONNET Julien, criminal law professor, Mr. CAMUS Raphaël, PhD Student, Ms. LEBLOND Manon, PhD Student, Ms. MARGALL Laura, PhD Student, Mrs. PONSEILLE Anne, associate professor of criminal sanctions law, Ms. PUAUD Marion, PhD Student, Ms. RICHAUD Coralie, who holds a PhD in public law, Ms. ROQUES Alice, PhD Student. They all activate within CERCOP (Centre d'études et de recherche comparatives constitutionnel et pollitique)of the Montpellier University.

The Romanian team is composed of Mr. CIOCLEI Valerian, criminal law professor, Mrs. LEFTERACHE Lavinia Valeria, criminal law professor, Mrs. TANASESCU Simina Elena, constitutional law professor, Mrs. TRANDAFIR Andra-Roxana, assistant professor – criminal law and criminology, Mr. VIȘINESCU Ionuț-Gabriel, PhD Student, who all perform their activities within the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest. The first four members of the Romanian team are also members of the Research Center in the Field of Criminal Sciences of the Unviersity of Bucharest.