Part IV

Vlad IOAN LUCA, Scientific coordinator, Ştefan DEACONU, Ph.D. in Law, Lecturer Professor, On the nature of nobility, its titles and ensigns
The revival of the interwar system can be noticed in Romania’s social structure. The return and reassertion of the old boyar families, as well as the significant number of foreign guests bearing foreign noble titles bring into light a long forgotten legal issue – nobility as a social status and mark of tradition – along with its tokens: the title, the coat-of-arms and the nobiliary privileges. The article concisely presents nobility’s evolution and its current existence and tries to offer an overview of the European nobility. The noble title is analyzed both from a legal point of view, as well as an historical one, the article presenting, for the first time in Romanian literature, manorial titles and lairdships. The same analysis is made on the coat-of-arms, as a personal, honorary and traditional ensign, while nobiliary privileges are finally presented from a historical perspective.

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