Budget-balance rule or How to naturalize a mith - Autor: Mihai – Ionuț Ologu
Abstract: We intend to focus in this essay on identifying viable solutions for the budget-balance rule to become a part of our national legislation, in accordance with the Fiscal Compact, but without overlooking those specific characteristics of our society. Generally, we will try to ignore the myth, to ignore the causes and to find those methods, that form through which the budgetary balance principle would make sense in the national ( judicial) context, not by ignoring its rationale, but by avoiding the polemic on opportunity and the traps of the economy, and in any case by restricting their interpellations. The opportunity counts indeed on leaders’ sense, the social effects are collected in our parents’ clog, the economical reports stay in the hands of the specialists and all the lawyer was left with is to find the best way of reconciliation between them.

Keywords: budget-balance amendament, debt, deficit, fiscal compact

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