Florida State University


• Bucharest University, School of Law
• Florida State University (FSU) – partener institution
• United States Agency for International Development (donor)

The legal study project proposed by the Florida State University (FSU) was financed by USA Government via its United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and lasted for 3 years (2003 – 2006). During this project, the Bucharest School of Law received technical and financial assistance provided by FSU, aimed at sharing know-how on on-lne drafting of course materials, one of the objectives of the project being to enhance the Bucharest School of Law institutional capacity. In fact, the main objective of the project was to create the framework for the Law School to draft and provide on-line studies, designed at the School chooses to: MA courses, postgraduate courses, elective / optional / compulsory courses part of the academic curricula.   

A. Designing on-line materials
16 academics Law School participated in this project. They took training courses in on-line teaching methodology and also benefited direct technical and financial assistance provided by FSU. The project created a new domain where on-line courses, designed since the beginning of the project till now, can be visualized. Here is the address of the new domain: 


B. Technology and infrastructure
When implementing this project, an essential element was the technical one.

Besides sharing know-how on on-line course design, the project was also used to purchase the necessary equipment to support an on-line course. One component of the project was to equip the School of Law with 48 PCs, 22 laptops for the academics participating in the on-line course design activity, an IT network, a server, a copier and also a „HeinOnline” subscription – a website specializing in legal magazines and journals.

In turn, the School of Law provided the room necessary to organize the classes ( a laboratory) as well as an IT expert to take care of the IT components of the project.