Message to graduates

Dear alumni,

Our roads parted, indeed, after graduation, but we are still connected by the beautiful memories of our student lives, not to mention the Law School tradition, whose large family we are proud to be part of.

Nowadays, when we no longer have all the time we want to share with the people we love, with our friends and former colleagues, the Law School wants to partially make up for these shortcomings and help us keep in touch with our former colleagues and the Law School.

This initiative includes launching an “alumni” type of project, meant to become a bridge between the school alumni as well as between the Law School and the alumni. The starting point is the creation of a data base which will include the contact details and also some information on the current position of each graduate. The date base will become the main instrument used to facilitate contact between alumni and also between alumni and the school, so as to be updated on each other’s achievments and, why not, to provide mutual support for common projects.

In the near and not so near future, the project will also include the creation of a “newsletter”  addressed to all Law School alumni, as well as the organization of some series designed to allow us to meet in a less formal setting and to keep in touch.

The project will materialize in a new link called “alumni” on the new Law School website; this new link will continue to grow while the project becomes larger and more significant. 

Hoping that this new idea will bring us close, we would like to ask you to share with us a few details, namely your name, the graduation year, the 4th year group you belonged to, an e-mail address which you regularly use and where you would like to be contacted, as well as your profession, current position and current employer. 

We would obviously be happy to take your suggestions on how to make this project more workable.