Motive and behavioral factors in homicide - Case study - Enescu Raluca
Abstract: The present work aims to critically examine the role of the drive when committing the crime using the case study we conducted in Mărgineni Penitentiary on a number of twenty-five prisoners held for the offense of aggravated murder. The topic analysis is focused on the criminal aspects of the subject matter, investigating the consequences of the factual reality over the normative reality, as well as on the pshychological aspects, having in view the transposition of the drive and the purpose in the criminal behaviour. What are the repercussions of the drive and the purpose on the legal classification of murders? A valid general answer cannot be given, but the salient features of the facts are likely to be interpreted in a number of ways, having a certain outcome on the criminal perspective, as well as the psychological one.

Keywords: purpose, drive, prisoner, murder, pshychology.

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