Part IV

Bogdan AURESCU, Ph.D. in Law, Lecturer Professor, The Ukrainian “Bystroe Canal” Project in the Danube Delta – a Challenge for the International Environmental Law as Applied by the Specialized International Organizations
The project of Ukraine to build a deep navigation canal in the core of the Danube Delta, a strictly protected natural habitat under international environmental law, provoked the concern not only of Romania (as almost 80% of the Danube Delta is on Romanian territory), but also at international and European level. This article presents the reactions of the international organizations having competences in this field, which considered, with no exception, that this initiative of Ukraine has the real potential to induce irreparable damages to this sample of biodiversity, unique in the world. One of the latest conclusions in this sense was issued in 2006 by the Inquiry Commission established, for the first time, at the initiative of Romania under the 1991 Espoo Convention.

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