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Cătălina Georgeta MATEI, PhD Student, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Oil Concession and Mine Concession from an European Perspective
The importance of invoking national interest and dispute over natural resources has increased in direct proportion to the growing importance of these resources and inversely proportional to their low levels. A dull but intense battle at this point characterizes natural resources, especially oil fields and mines of precious metals. Therefore, we can say that the power exerted on natural resources determine economic strength of countries in the world ranking and the standard of living of the population. Use of natural resources as an economic weapon became effective in strengthening state policy and expanding exploration and exploitation imposed on foreign territories to develop comprehensive international regulations. Therefore, a thorough study of this field involves an analytical perspective of all dimensions outlined in legislative terms, including both an international and European perspective.

Key-words: oil concession contract, mining concession contract, public-private institutionalized partnership

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