Part I

Claudiu BUGLEA, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, International Arbitration and Effects of Foreign Arbitral Decisions according to the New Regulations of the New Romanian Civil Procedural Code
This study presents the new Romanian legislation regarding arbitration of disputes issued of legal relationships that include foreign elements. Taking into account that European regulations regarding jurisdiction within civil international disputes do not provide anything regarding arbitration, this paper analyses, on one hand, the previous rules estabilished by of Law no. 105/1992 regarding private international law relationships and, on the other hand, the new Romanian Civil procedure code, entered into force on February 15, 2013, mainly Book 7th of the Code, dedicated to the international civil litigations.

This paper attempts to offer a definition and a classification for arbitration.

Key-words: international arbitration, jurisdiction, foreign element, new Civil procedural code.
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