Part III

Dan OANCEA, Problèmes juridiques de la fonction publique roumaine. Étude comparée avec la France [Simona Cristea] / Legal issues specific to the Romanian public office. Comparative study with France
This study deals with the issue of the transition from a state-subordinated civil service to a neutral, politically independent civil service. It analyses the legal status of the Romanian civil service, which witnesses its evolution after the Romanian Revolution of 1989. The study presents the Romanian civil service in view of the transition from the old legislation up to the present one.

The analysis makes comparison with France and aims to outline the relation between the Romanian civil service and a Western model of civil service. The author shows that the institution of a reformed civil service in Romania was subject of a double restriction: on the one hand, the necessity to be adapted to the Western model and, on the other hand, the necessity of taking into account the particular interests of a state being in transition to democracy.

The study analyses the civil services in light of the jurisprudence and reveals the practical problems occurred in the implementation of the legal provisions.
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