Part I

Dr. Ramona Delia POPESCU, Comments on the Case-law of the Romanian Constitutional Court on the Reexami-nation of the Law upon Request of the President of Romania (Decisions no. 1596/2011, 1597/2011 and 1598/2011)
According to the Romanian Constitution reexamination of the law by the Parliamentmay be triggered both by the President and the Constitutional Court. The President may request reconsideration of a law only once and for any reason, While Parliament may adopt any solution that it deems necessary. Thus, it may accept all or part of the request, it may reject or modify all or part of some texts related to the request, including re-correlation of law provisions. However, within this legislative procedure Parliament has to express a final vote on the text of the law and not on the report drafted by parliamentary commissions upon the request for re-examination.

Key-words: reexamination of the law, legislative procedure, final vote, debate

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