In 1832, following Petrache Poenaru’s school reform, legal and scientific higher courses were created at St. Sava’s National College. 

The Law School was established on 17th October 1850, as part of the study group at St. Sava’s National College...

On 25th November 1859, a princely decree was issued, establishing the School of Law as an independent institution, the first dean of which was Constantin Boşianu.

On 4/16th July 1864, Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza issued Decree no. 765 and approved the establishment of the University of Bucharest, by reunification of three already existing schools: the School of law, the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy. Initially, the School of Law had 9 chairs, 9 professors and 30 students. During its first academic years, the following subjects were taught: Roman law, Romanian civil law and civil law procedure, Romanian criminal law and criminal law procedure, commercial law, constitutional law, administrative law and political economy. It was a four-year degree.  

The 1864 Law establishing the University of Bucharest provided for the moral autonomy of the University. Thus, the University was managed by a rector, assisted by the University senate, while the faculties were run by deans, elected by the teaching staff and assisted by the faculty council; this internal structure is still valid today. 
The first title of Doctor of Juridical Sciences was awarded in 1908.

In 1921-1933, according to contemporary statistics, 43.1% of all students in Greater Romania were law students, the data including students at all universities existing in Romania at that time. To educate such a large number of students, the Bucharest School of Law needed to develop a wide material base. 

Bewteeen 1934-1936, the funds raised as an initiative of Dean Nicolae Basilescu and the subsidies provided by King Carol II and the line ministry were used to build the current building, the Law School Palace, following the designs by Petre Antonescu, a great architect. Nothing would have been possible without the collective efforts of the professors, alumni and students of this Law School, a fact visibly enscribed on the frontispiece of the Great Hall inside the building. 

As of 1975, to illustrate the spirit of an era attempting to integrate higher education and research activities, the dean of Law School also became head of the Institutefor Legal Research of the Romanian Academy, established in 1954. It was a position the dean held till the beginning of 1990. 

In 1968-1989, the School of Law had two departments: the law department and the economic and administrative law department. There were approximately 120 students with the former department, and 30 with the latter one, all of them full-time students.

As of 1990, the reputation that the School of Law enjoys has been enhanced. There has been a significant increase in the number of students, and the academic courses have been organized as part of a single department, namely Legal Sciences, with a single major, namely Law, a four-year degree for full-time students and a five-year degree for extra-mural students. As of the 2004-2005 academic year, distance education programmes have been offered, while the extra-mural ones were discontinued.