The Library of the Law School is one the oldest university bibliographical institutions in Romania. It opened to the readers on 06/ o5. 1907. As of 1947 is has been a member of the “Carol I” Central University Library. The documents that it holds go back to 1974, so this extraordinary collection of books and documentshas came to provide real support to the legal education carried at Bucharest University. Under the watchful supervision by the “Carol I” Central University Library, the Law School Library continued to grow so that it may meet the needs of a modern education process, in tune with the global exchange of values.

The library is the main information structure the Law School has and it holds collections of documents and information covering all our academic programs, from BA study programs to MA and PhD programs. To meet all these needs, the library manages a total number of 80,000 titles, in a total number of 200,000 units; added to that, there is a huge quantity of information included in international academic data bases, most of it as complete texts.The library hold a significant share of documents and information in modern foreign language, which recommends it for academic research. The library holds various collections of documents, such as: studies, monographs, course books, treatises, PhD theses, reference books, serial publications, proceedings of various national and international seminars and conferences, education standards, bibliographies, collections and indexes of legal instruments.

The library, which manages these collections of documents, provides readers with the possibility to read them in a pleasant and convenient environment. It has two reading rooms, organized by type of documents and it can seat 216 readers at the same time. The library has been going through an upgrading process which preserves its position as part of the competition for a modern and best quality education. The library activities as well as many other services are computerized, the key words being speed and flexibility.

The library is located in the right wing of the building, on the 1st and the 2nd floors. Access to the library services is based on a library card which is relatively easy to obtain. For more information, plase consult the library internet page, hosted by: