Part IV

Jean François RENUCCI, Ph.D. in Law, Professor – University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Corneliu BÎRSAN, Ph.D. in Law, Professor, European Court of Human Rights and European Social Charter: Dangerous connections – Commentary of Judgment of 21 November 2006, Case of Demir and Baykara v. Turkey
The Demir and Baykara judgement points to the issue of the normative interaction between the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Chart. The European Court seems to be stepping on a slippery slope when, apart the already worrying fact that it invokes provisions of the Social Chart, even more worryingly it refers to an article of the Chart by which the concerned State has specifically declared not to be bound. Future developments will tell whether the Court intended Demir et Baykara to be a mere decision for a specific case or the starting point for a richer and much too/more extensive jurisprudence.

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