Part III

Mihaela Augustina DUMITRAŞCU, Assistant Professor, The Evolution of the European Communities from Economic Integration to Political Integration – Consequences on the Community Legal Order
Analyzing the Community treaties (the Single European Act, the Treaty of Maastricht, the Treaty of Amsterdam, the Treaty of Nice) which modified in time the initial treaties, we will notice an obvious evolution towards also a political union between the Member States; this can be a sign that the concerns on this issue of the Member States never stopped to exist and were not discouraged by the failures registered by the European Community along its way.

The Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe represents the most recent achievement from this point of view and also an important step towards the political integration of the European. But, still, we cannot wonder if this “Constitution for Europe” has succeeded in meeting the challenges presented by the Laeken Declaration, namely: increasing democratic legitimacy, getting the citizens closer to the European Union, improving the functioning efficiency of the enlarged European Union and consolidating its role in the world.

Even Jean Monnet admitted the limitations of his innovation and said that the integration system would work until it would be wanted to go beyond just the economic integration to the political union; it is the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe which tries to offer a solution to this problem, offering Europe a new dimension.
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