Mihaela-Augustina DUMITRAȘCU, Dragoș-Adrian BANTAȘ, European Construction – a National, Intergovernmental and Federal Approach. Design, Edification and Failure of Ratification of the Treaty establishing the European Defense Community

Abstract: The 50’s find the old continent divided between Western, Democratic and Capitalist, and East Communist, as well as under the threat of confrontation between the superpowers of the time, the US and the USSR. In this context, the USSR maintains an impressive military presence in Europe, to which the United States has to respond by its own capabilities and by the mobilization of its allies, which also means the arming of Germany, but this view is raising concerns in France. On this background, French Prime Minister René Pleven will propose the establishment of a European Defense Community, inspired by Jean Monnet’s ideas, which leads to a treaty signed for this purpose, but which can not be ratified because of the refusal of the National Assembly of the country that proposed it.

Keywords: Cold War, Europe, USA, USSR, Germany, France, René Pleven, European Defense Community, common defense, supranational, federalism, European integration

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