Mircea JORJ, PhD Student, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Model of Regionalization in Certain States of the European Union
The idea of “the denationalization of the space" has become a reference point to understand the new forms of governance. The things can be seen also vice versa and it can be said that the regional policies are Europeanized. The funds made available by the EU institutions have led to the institutional changes and to the emergence of the new regional identities. Some authors even affirm that trough the European Commission, the regionalism and interregional cooperation is encouraged and the institutional development of the Committee of the Regions is legitimized beyond the limits set by the EU treaties.

The negotiation of the regional governance involves the local, regional, national and international elements. The regions are in a continuous search of the EU funds and are in competition for development, but the regional governance does not have a single model. The regional governance is developed through the interaction of the European and national levels and by mobilizing the regional identities.

Key-words: regionalization, region, local level, intermediary level, local administration

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