Part II

Prof. Dr. Gilberto Bercovici, Full Professor of Economic Law and Political Economy in the Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo – Brazil, The State Reform in Brazil: More of the Same?
This paper analyses the role of the State in the economic area, which is subject of intense debates in Brazil. The author undertakes a historical analysis of the Brazilian administrative structure in order to conclude that the so-called "state reform" of the nineties has not managed to actually reform the Brazilian State. The main argument for this position resides in the fact that independent agencies are not independent, while public administration remains the same although it gained a modern image which camouflages the usual patrimonialism that marks the Brazilian State. Also, the author brings forth a sensitive conclusion, namely that the regulatory reform in Brazil I merely a new form of "capture" of public funds, or, in other words, it is nothing but a new form of patrimonialism even worse than before, since large sectors of the economy are kept apart from the public debate and democratic decision.

Key words:  State reform, Brazilian administrative structure, public administration, principles of public administration, state-owned enterprises, administrative decentralization, public interest, public policies, patrimonialism

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