Part II

Ramona Delia POPESCU, Distortions within Representative Democracy – the Influence of the Electoral System on Representation
In the context of delegation of power by the people to its representatives, the enactment of fundamental principles was necessary in order to regulate the electoral systems used for their election. The option of the electors and the electoral system can determine the outcome of elections into votes, but also into mandates. First of all, the electoral system is a mechanism of conversion of votes into mandates: it reproduces, faithfully or not, the structure of the electoral body within a given authority. Secondly, it affects indirectly the behavior of the electorate itself.

Choosing a specific electoral system for each democracy, which provides equal opportunities for all citizens to influence governmental policies, is the goal of the electoral body. The electoral system in its various forms can cause a mismatch between the expressed will of the electorate to the polls and the distribution of mandates to the representatives.

The article will examine the distortion of the representation caused by different forms of electoral system in relation to the Constitutional Court and the ECHR jurisprudence.

Key-words: distortions, representation, electoral system, legitimacy, people, power

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