Part II

Silviu BARBU, Roxana SIMA, Exercise of Voting Rights by Romanian Citizens Abroad
Voting abroad is accepted by a great number of States (approximatively 87), but there are also States where it is still being implemented (approximatively 26), or where it is not accepted. In Europe, with few exceptions, almost all countries accept exercising the voting right abroad. Romania makes part of this States.

The exercise of teh right to vote by Romanian citizens having their domicile or residence in other countries was publicly debated because the number of the Romanian citizens living abroad is higher and higher.

The vote by correspondence, the electronic vote, the vote by proxy or fax represent alternative methods to the classic one. These alternative methods could lead to the augmentation of the level of participation to democratic processes and would solve a part of the organization problems. Every type of vote has advantages and disadvantages and the experience of other States in this respect should not be neglected.

The need for a reform of the electoral laws results from the obligation to adapt to the existing  realities as well as from the inevitable augmentation of the efficiency of the administration.

Key-words: voting right, voting abroad, alternative methods to vote, reform, electoral law

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