Part I

Stéphane GUERARD, Associate professor HDR, University of Lille-Nord de France, CERAPS (CNRS, UMR 8026), Visiting professor in „Ovidius” University of Constanţa, Local Self-Government in EU Member States: Experiences and Trends of Development Levels
The Preamble of the European Charter of Local Self-Government was adopted in Strasbourg (The Council of Europe, the Congress of Local and Regional powers), on the 15th of October 1985. The 8th paragraph provides that „the protection and enforcement of local self-government in different member states represents an important contribution of the construction of a Europe based on the principle of democracy and the decentralized powers”.

As a consequence, at European level, promoting the notion of local self-government is an essential support for democracy seen as a „democratic indicator” of the State.

Certainly this is why, as the art. 2 of the Charter provides, almost every member states of the European Union have a constitutional provision which stipulates the local self-government even the notion may have different definitions.

Key-words: local self-government, European Union, the European Charter of Local Self-Government

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