Traian TUNSOIU, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Termination of the Individual Employment Agreement by Withdrawal of Permits, Authorisations or Licenses
The termination ipso jure of the individual employment agreement as of the date of withdrawal by the relevant authorities or bodies of the permits, authorisations or licenses required for carrying out this profession is a case of termination of the employment relationship above and beyond the parties’ will, the employer being bound to comply with the issuing body’s decision, which is to unilaterally terminate the work relationship by the legal deadline. The constitutional provisions regarding the free choice of one’s profession, job or occupation, as well as of the workplace cannot be construed to mean that any person, at any time, can choose to carry out their profession or job, or choose any workplace without having the proper training and qualification or without producing evidence of having obtained a permit, authorisation or license, where, in addition to graduating or having the necessary qualification, such permit, authorisation or license is required for carrying out a profession or a job.

Key-words: individual employment agreement, cessation, authorizations

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