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Valerian CIOCLEI, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Andra-Roxana ILIE, Assistant, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, The Impact of European Criminal Law on the New Romanian Criminal Code. Overview on Human Trafficking and on Cybercriminality
Nowadays we are facing an extension of legal instruments which must be taken into consideration by the national legislator when establishing laws. Among these instruments documents adopted by the institutions of the European Union are obviously the most frequent. The coming into force of the Lisbon Treaty and especially of art. 83 parag. 2 has given new impetus to European criminal law. Its impact on internal legislation could also be noticed upon drafting the new Romanian Criminal Code, which codified crimes foreseen by the current Criminal Code and by numerous other special laws which contained criminal provisions. In this respect, human trafficking and cyber criminality present the specificity that relevant Romanian criminal legislation is well advanced and observes EU regulations, including those created subsequently to the drafting of the Code. However, some remaining issues might still make necessary a revision of the Criminal Code or of other laws.

Key-words: European criminal law, Lisbon Treaty, human trafficking, cyber criminality, new Romanian Criminal Code

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