Vlad-Cristian SOARE, Legal Regime applicable to Intercommunity Development Associations in Romania

Abstract: Administrative development, based on the principles of decentralization, deconcentration and local autonomy has led to differences between communities. As we have seen, there are now more developed communities, while at the opposite end there are communities that fail to cover their own expenses. Thus, the Law no. 286/2006 for amending and completing Law of Local Public Administration no. 215/2001 has regulated the intercommunity development associations.
Although they are entities formed by the association of entities governed by public law, the intercommunity development associations have been qualified as “private law structures” having a public utility status.
Moreover, intercommunity development associations are assimilated to public authorities according to the Law no. 554/2004.
In practice there have been many legal issues concerning these associative structures, which is why we have proposed to analyse some of them in the following article.

Keywords: intercommunity development associations, public authorities, cooperation structures, community development, associative structures, local public administration

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