Part I

Bogdan VÎRJAN, Assistant professor, Study on Bankruptcy Offences in the New Criminal Code
Bankruptcy offences are tightly connected with the occurrence of a debtor's insolvency, the legal texts punishing in one way or another certain illicit deeds committed by the representatives of the insolvent debtor in the fraud if its creditors.

By introducing such offences, the new Criminal Code, has acknowledged the possibility of the insolvent debtors' representatives to introduce, at their own initiative, a request for the beginning of the insolvency proceedings, thus protecting the interests of the insolvent's creditors and, implicitely creating the necessary conditions for the respect of mutual trust between traders.

According to the new regulation, such offences exceed the specific scope insolvency proceedings and assert the legislator's will to ensure criminal punishment of certain serious deeds related to the insolvency proceedings, deeds which might prejudice normal commercial relationships, based on mutual trust.

Keywords: Simple bankruptcy, bankruptcy fraud, insolvency, creditor, debtor

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