Parts III - IV

Claudiu DINU, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Candidate, Civil procedural rules against general normative background. Evolution, delineation and specialisation in relation to civil law rules
The civil procedure regulation, though it has a specific regulation subject and a distinct finality, can only be treated in a general context, traced by the juridical rules in the large way and in connection with its particularities.

This kind of approach of the civil procedure regulation, taken from the angle of general regulation framework, is natural, especially, if it is proceeded that both juridical rule – lato sensu and the civil procedure regulation – stricto sensu, have a similar „destiny”. Both types of regulations have appeared, have been developed and perfected in parallel, interacting, the result of this „coexistence” being, among others, „the specializing” of the civil procedure regulation in conformity with its regulations subject: the development of the civil process.

The present step has the purpose of, without the pretention of an exhaustive treating, analyzing the notion, the appearance and the evolution of the civil procedure regulation related to the notion of juridical rule.
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