Corneliu-Liviu POPESCU, Romanian Law from Warsaw Pact to NATO

Abstract: In the period from 1955 to 1992, Romania was a member of the Warsaw Pact Organization, and since 2004 it is a The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member. From a constitutional point of view, the communist Constitutions did not contain any specific rule related to Romania's membership of the Warsaw Pact Organization. Instead, the revolutionary normative acts of constitutional character of December 1989 (originating, paradoxically, from an alleged anti-communist revolutionary power) proclaimed Romania's membership of the Warsaw Pact Organization. The constitutional obligation was suppressed in 1991, through the entry into force of the post-communist democratic Constitution, which did not contain any rule on the matter and repealed the revolutionary constitutional acts. Also paradoxically, the revision of the Constitution of 2003, introducing expressly regulations regarding Romania's NATO membership, also re-constitutionalized the revolutionary acts of constitutional character, transforming Romania's membership of the Warsaw Pact Organization into an ideal of the Romanian State, although it is a NATO Member and although the European communist political-military organization has been long dissolved.

Keywords: Warsaw Pact Organization, NATO, Romanian's Constitutions, Political and military organizations, Romania's membership.

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