Dorin CIMIL, Preliminary Discussions on the Legal Framework of Complex Contracts

Lavinia Valeria LEFTERACHE, Amnesty and Pardon. A General Characterization
Corneliu-Liviu POPESCU, Romanian Law from Warsaw Pact to NATO
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Adriana ALMĂȘAN, Ștefan BOGREA, The application of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights to Legal Persons in the Investigations of the Romanian Competition Council
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Nicolae Dragoş COSTESCU, Google Spain Decision – An Analysis of the Right to be Forgotten – A Regression from Past Interpretations of ECJ
Ion GÂLEA, A New Perspective on the Relation between International Law and Domestic Law, Based on the Rule of Law
Manole Ciprian POPA, Brief Considerations regarding the Corporate Governance of the Regulated Entities on the Capital Market from the Pperspective of Regulation No. 2/2016 issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority

Carmen Gina ACHIMESCU, The Interpretative Value of Human Dignity in the European Court of Human Rights Case-law

Emilia Lucia CĂTANĂ, Peculiarities of the Silence of Administrative Authorities. Comments upon Recent Case-law of the High Court of Cassation and Justice
Ioan-Paul CHIȘ, Confirmation of Pre-trial Detention. Procedure remedy. Jurisdiction. Solutions
Mari-Claudia IVAN, Features of the Continuous Offence
Tiberiu-Vlad PATANCIUS, The Conciliation Proceedings under the New civil Procedural Code’s Regulations: between Disuse and the Need for a Specific Regulation